Courses & Academic Programs

MSE 2033 / ECE 2795, Power Magnetic Materials and Devices

Instructors: Prof. Paul R. Ohodnicki, Jr. & Prof. Michael E. McHenry
Semester: Spring 2021
Participants: Pitt, CMU, NCSU

MSE 2122, Fundamentals of Magnetic Materials and Applications

Instructors: Prof. Paul Ohodnicki
Semester: Fall 2022
Participants: Pitt

ECE 1771, ECE 3779, ECE 2775

Instructor: Prof. Brandon Grainger
ECE 1771 Electric Machines: Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Fall 2022
ECE 3779 High Frequency Power Electronics: Spring 2021
ECE 2775 Advanced Electric Machines and Drives: Spring 2022
Participants: Pitt

MEMS 1058, Electromagnetic Properties of Materials

Instructors: Prof. Paul Ohodnicki
Semester: Fall Annually Since 2020
Participants: Pitt