Active Research Projects

University of Pittsburgh

Bishal Bhandari

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Additive Manufacturing of Soft Magnetic Material
Status: PhD Student (Start: Fall 2022)
Funding: Office of Naval Research
Advisor: Paul Ohodnicki

Ryan Brody

Thesis/Dissertation Title: “Electric Vehicle Drivetrain Design Using Advanced Magnetic Materials and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors”
Status: PhD Proposal Stage
Funding: DoE Vehicle Technology Office
Advisor: Dr. Brandon Grainger

Dr. Mohendro Kumar Ghosh

Thesis/Dissertation Title:
i. High Speed-High Efficiency Rare Earth Free Electric Motor Design and Optimization.
ii. Design and Multi Objective Optimization for High Frequency Transformer Taking Account of Leakage Inductance Calculation.
Status: Research Associate
Funding: DoE Vehicle Technology Office/ BPMI Industries.
Advisor: Paul Ohodnicki

Todd Marzec

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Ultra-High Frequency Inductor Design for Power Electronics Applications
Status: MS In Progress
Funding: Office of Naval Research
Advisor: Brandon Grainger, Paul Ohodnicki (Co-Advisor)

Maurice Sturdivant

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Novel Magnetic Designs for Electric Vehicle Chargers
Status: MS Student (Start: Fall 2022)
Funding: Department of Energy
Advisor: Brandon Grainger and Paul Ohodnicki

Suraj M.V.

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Soft magnetic composites for high power and frequency applications
Status: PhD proposal stage (Year 3)
Funding: Office of Naval Research
Advisor: Paul Ohodnicki

Tyler Paplham

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Novel Property and Performance Capabilities in Soft Magnetic Alloys via Rapid and Electromagnetic Field Assisted Annealing Techniques
Status: PhD Student (Year 2)
Funding: NASA
Advisor: Paul Ohodnicki

Yuankang Wang

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Thermal stability of soft magnetic alloys for high temperature applications
Status: 2nd year PhD student
Funding: NASA
Advisor: Dr. Paul Ohodnicki

Lauren Wewer

Thesis title: Development of new soft magnetic alloys for high temperature applications
Status: 1st year Grad student
Funding: NASA and DARPA
Advisor: Paul Ohodnicki

Zachary Smith

Thesis/Dissertation Title: “New Architectures and Nonlinear Control Strategy of Dual Active Bridge Converter”
Status: PhD (August 2019-August 2022)
Funding: Hillman Family Foundation / Pitt Momentum Grant
Advisor: Dr. Brandon Grainger
Employment: RCT Systems, Inc (Baltimore, Maryland)

North Carolina State University

Heonyoung Kim

Thesis / Dissertation Title: Next Generation Electric Machine.
Status: PhD Student
Funding: Department of Energy (DOE)
Advisor: Prof. Subhashish Bhattacharya

Mark Nations

Thesis / Dissertation Title: DC Circuit Breaker Inductors
Status: PhD Student
Funding: North Carolina State University
Advisor: Prof. Richard Beddingfield

Suvendu Samanta & Isaac Wong

Thesis / Dissertation Title: SiC-Based Wireless Power Transformation for Data Centers & Medium Voltage Application
Status: PhD Students
Funding: Department of Energy (DOE) / EATON Corporation
Advisor: Prof. Subhashish Bhattacharya
Co-Advisor: Prof. Richard Beddingfield