To develop an innovation ecosystem and educational programs for advancing soft magnetic materials and component technologies spanning fundamental science to end-use application in collaboration with various offices and programs.



1) To play a leadership role in providing highly qualified talent to the burgeoning soft magnetics industry and the electric power industry more broadly.
2) To serve as the primary convener for a unique and much needed university / industry / national lab community.
3) To become the premier source of university technical support to industry (papers, patents, direct research support).



Our vision is an innovation and educational ecosystem that includes:

  1. Foundational research with a diverse base of funding support spanning federal, private, foundation, and other resources.
  2. A range of existing and newly developed interdisciplinary educational programs as well as internship and coop opportunities for students.
  3. Direct support of industry research and workforce development needs in the form of publications, patents, talent, and fee-for-service.



 MARCH 29  AMPED Technical Seminars via Zoom (11 am - 12:30 PM)
 APRIL 26  AMPED Technical Seminars via Zoom (11 am - 12:30 PM)
 MAY 31   AMPED Technical Seminars via Zoom (11 am - 12:30 PM)
 JUNE 28  AMPED Technical Seminars via Zoom (11 am - 12:30 PM)



Dec 23, 2023:

Paul Ohodnicki and Branden grainger recived DURIP funding from DOE

August 16, 2023:

First nanocrystalline workshop sponsored by CBMM was successfully hosted at the EIC

August 15, 2023:

Third annual AMPED consortium meeting was successfully conducted at the EIC

May 11, 2023:

AMPED Consortium recives $1.2 million grant from Henry L. Hillman Foundation.

February 8, 2022:

AMPED Consortium Receives NSF IUCRC Planning Grant